Managed Cloud Backup

Microsomma Cloud Backup

Is your data backed up?

Many home users and businesses haven’t yet taken steps to eliminate the risk of data corruption and loss. Usually steps are only taken after the first crisis when it is too late and irreplaceable data has been lost. Please don’t wait until this happens to you. Microsomma Cloud Data Backup is simple to use, reliable, and very effective.

Complete data protection starting at only £50 per year *
(Further discount available if multiple licenses are required / £45 if purchased with Microsomma Cloud Antivirus)

Microsomma Cloud Data Backup offers you peace of mind by protecting your precious data on private and confidential Microsomma hosted servers. This simple to use backup service eliminates the risk of losing your data. All data transfers are secure and encrypted.

Say goodbye to plugging in backup drives; this service needs only a mouse click to backup manually, or can easily be configured to backup automatically on a schedule of your choice.

This service offers protection for hard drive failure, viruses, fire, theft, or simply user error when you accidentally delete or overwrite a file that you really didn’t want to lose.

*Inclusive of 10GB storage. Not sure how much space 10GB is? Microsomma is currently archiving data for numerous clients and only a very small percentage exceed the 10GB limit. File size is dependent upon file type i.e. document, photo, video etc therefore 10GB = more than 100,000 webpages similar to the one you are reading at this moment.

If you would like to protect your computer with Managed Cloud Backup or discuss any aspect of data management, please contact David.

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