Do you feel confident in using your computer?

Would you like to improve your IT skills?

If you would like help with any aspect of using your computer, please do not hesitate to ask David.

Tuition can be provided, either following the installation of your new device or program, or as a totally independent unit according to your specific needs.

Tuition is carefully guaged to the level of the client.

David is willing to calmly help and encourage less experienced clients to gain key skills and learn core applications e.g. email, data management, word processing and essential security procedures etc.

The IT industry is constantly evolving and even advanced users can benefit from some help in using the latest software and/or hardware devices.

You will find David to be a patient, courteous and knowledgeable tutor who will offer advice and explain everything you need to know in non technical language and at a suitably judged pace.

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