Managed ownCloud

Managed ownCloud

With today’s requirement of being able to access the same data on all your devices that updates automatically regarless of the network you are connected to, then Microsomma OwnCloud offers excellent connectivity and stable, live data synchronisation between devices that works.

If you would like to know where your data is stored and who has access to it then Microsomma managed OwnCloud is what you are looking for.

This Cloud service also acts as an offsite backup solution therefore eliminating the need for a conventional backup.

Microsomma OwnCloud offers seamless connectivity between Windows computers, all Apple devices, and Android based tablets and smart phones. This Cloud service can also negate the requirement of having an expensive business or home server on your network.

Microsomma Managed OwnCloud starts at only £10 / month*

If you would like to upgrade to Microsomma managed OwnCloud, please contact David to discuss your requirements.

*Inclusive of 10GB storage and expandable to any capacity.

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