Microsomma reviewed by Val Porter (the editor of the Milland News) in the August edition…

Saved by Somma!

“Your editor has a … ‘venerable’ computer, a hardworking desktop machine now about 6 years old that carries a mighty burden: I work with it all day, every day, and over the years have stacked up an enormous amount of essential research on it. My computer puts up with a lot, and it was becoming increasing reluctant and creaky. I know the feeling: you do get to a point when you wonder whether perhaps it’s time to retire, or at least turn away a few jobs and slow down – which is exactly what my computer was doing. It also refused to back up and often refused to boot up, or took an eternity to do so. It had become noisy, fretful, moody and plaintive and was highly selective about the tasks it was willing to carry out. It had reached the point of being in need of help and so I contacted one of our Milland News advertisers: Microsomma.

David Somma, as many of you know, is the son of Barbara, who used to run Redford Stores, so he knows the Valley very well and had no trouble with the challenge of finding West Kingsham. He was punctual, immensely patient, competently thorough and efficient and it was a pleasure to meet him (I always appreciate a good sense of humour!). He could even do instant Italian translations for me. Eventually I did have to allow my machine to go into rehab with him for a whole day of de-cluttering, which forced me to clear up a lot of mounds of paper all over my study and try to remember how to scribble by hand rather than type.

When the VC returned it was completely rejuvenated. It now runs silently and smoothly, boots up instantly every time, backs up properly, downloads what it is asked to download, sends out emails to my often substantial Milland News distribution lists (that is, when BT allowed me and all my neighbours to have broadband access again) and does every-thing I’d always hoped it would do, without complaining.
Thank you, David, for restoring my sanity.”
Val Porter – Milland, West Sussex

“David is my favourite IT guy and I cannot recommend him enough! He is efficient, extremely professional, and he knows what he is talking about. In addition his service is reasonably priced. Working with my wishlist of things which I needed to sort out, David helped me to get the best performance out of my laptop plus he spoke directly to my broadband provider so I didn’t have to listen to their technical incomprehensible drivel. I am a very happy customer!”
Janet Dorey – Haslemere, Surrey

There is very little new to add to this long list of testimonials except that they must all be true. When Barbara and I were in great need of IT support to untangle all kinds of messes in our system, we took advice and consulted David’s website. “If he is as good as this,” said Barbara, “he must be the Archangel Gabriel.” Half an hour into David’s first visit we concluded that he really was as good as this, in which case the conclusion clearly follows! Several visits later, with three laptops transformed, including two Windows 10 machines simplified and made intelligible, anti-virus systems rationalised, local network and internet connections sorted, and a great deal more achieved above and beyond the call of duty – nothing has happened to change our minds.

David is polite, a delight to deal with, comes punctually when agreed, works quickly for a reasonable fee, and has an excellent bedside manner and an unusual habit of actually doing what you ask, frequently with a little extra thrown in. He breathes a quiet and reassuring confidence and is available for remote or telephone assistance when required. His speciality in dismantling and rebuilding your entire system from scratch is particularly refreshing for those who have struggled with their machine for years. It is enormously reassuring for us to know that David’s extraordinary range of skills will be available at any time when need arises in the future. And we are confident that your experience of him will match ours.
Martin and Barbara Mosse, Emsworth, Hampshire.

“When my computer more or less ceased up and a friend gave me David’s name with a glowing report, I have to admit I was a little sceptical; could he really be that good? He arrived at the appointed time, sat down with me and talked through what needed doing and why. The work took several hours including transferring my personal data onto an external hard drive, clearing out the unwanted rubbish, reinstalling Windows and then restoring my data and all the programmes that I needed. During the hours that David spent with me, he was totally courteous, friendly and helpful. He also managed to sort out a long standing problem with email accounts, something that another computer engineer had not been able to solve. So yes, he was that good! I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone needing work done on their computer, whether it is just a simple job or, as in my case, a total rebuild.”
Judi Lion – Trotton, West Sussex

“We found David Somma via his advert in the local village magazine. He was a huge help, having checked our faulty computer and found it needing an overhaul and upgrade. He took it away for a few days and returned it to us like a new machine. We have had no problems since then and it is now a pleasure, rather than a stressful chore to get online. All work and costs were discussed upfront, so no surprises and David gave us options, so there was no pressure. His integrity and ability is without question. We will have no hesitation in recommending David to all friends and family who ever need assistance with their IT equipment.”
David and Yvonne Bromley – Rowlands Castle, Hampshire

“David is nothing less than an IT genius. He has solved more computer related problems on our home and business computers than I can count – be they irritating silly things to melt downs. I never worry when I know he is there to sort out glitches. His remote service has been invaluable in enabling my business to run smoothly.”
Rosie Moore – Winchester, Hampshire

“Our home PC was becoming increasingly slow and unreliable and David responded promptly, professionally and efficiently to my telephone enquiry. David is polite, trustworthy and conscientious and was happy to answer all my questions. He could not have done more and soon had our computer running efficiently and explained how I could manage software to maintain that efficiency. I would not hesitate in recommending him. Thank you David.”
Susan Rutter – Westbourne, West Sussex

“I am so delighted with the laptop you provided, it really is brilliant and bang on the budget I set. Both Jack and myself gave you a broad outline of a spec and you provided and excellent quality laptop, over and above the specification, with fantastic customer service. I have already recommended you to friends and family and glad to have found Micrsomma for all my IT needs in the future.”
Lo Vogel – Southbourne, West Sussex

“I would not hesitate to recommend David Somma for sorting out quickly and efficiently any IT problems. Last year he sorted out in no time at all a problem I’d been having with connectivity to the internet, and last week I asked him to come out again because in recent months my computer had been getting slower and slower – and since his visit I’m absolutely delighted because it’s working so much faster that I can hardly believe I’m using the same computer! Not only does he sort out the problems but he is unfailingly helpful, friendly and pleasant, and I believe his charges are very reasonable.”
Hilary Cotton – Havant, Hampshire

“It’s almost like the raising of Lazarus where my computer was on the verge of utter dysfunction and along came David who miraculously brought it back to life after careful reconstruction and reconfiguration. There are no words for the sense of relief and gratitude. David has an aura of serenity, timeliness, complete ability and delivers on his promises. Thank you so much.”
Vanessa Wills – West Meon, Hampshire

“As a journalist I’m always slightly sceptical when I read pages of glowing praise on people’s websites as I know how easy they are to make up! However, they’re right. My Vaio now appears to be working as it should have all along, so thanks.”
James Foxall – Forestside, West Sussex

“Thank you, David, for your prompt service in addressing my computer problems. Your approach could not have been more helpful and professional or your attitude more courteous and friendly. I am really most grateful for all your hard work in sorting out the problems with my computer and getting me ‘up and running’ again so quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who has need of your services – in fact I already have done so. Thanks again David – your service was outstanding.”
Ted Hollis – Rowlands Castle, Hampshire

“Our computer collapsed with a really serious ’bug’ I called David Somma who arranged to come and look at the problem. He came quickly, when he said he would. He gave me an estimate for the work, took the computer away and returned it fully cleaned up with all files restored when he said he would at the price we had agreed. I am very happy to recommend David to anyone.”
Mike Major – West Meon, Hampshire

“When my system started to go wrong, David saved important files and changed my desktop over to a laptop. When I have the odd emergency, he always responds swiftly with either a phone call or a visit to put things right. He is very courteous and you know you can trust him implicitly to give you an honest opinion. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have been introduced to him and am very grateful for all his help. I would recommend him highly to anyone with pc problems.”
Linda Davies – West Meon, Hampshire

“Many thanks for your exceptional service. And it’s great to know you’re just around the corner, so don’t even think about moving!”
David Halford – Rowlands Castle, Hampshire

“David built our very first computer five years ago when we first went technical and it’s still running well now! He has since setup a second system and is on hand to sort out any problems we may have. He is highly capable and nothing is too complicated, too big or small for him to deal with. Being a cook, not an IT whizz, i am very reliant on his expertise and experience to keep my business running smoothly as in this day and age we rely heavily on a fully computerised accounting system and we also print all our own labels and menus. If you are considering using David’s skills then i can confidently highly recommend him”.
Alexandra Meikle – Midhurst, West Sussex

“David provided an excellent service when he completely rebuilt my PC which had been wiped out by a virus. He gave good advice, did the work very promptly and to budget and also provided a telephone “helpline” to explain any details I had not understood at the time”
Martin Cowell – West Meon, Hampshire

“Very many thanks for the fantastic work you have done on my P.C. in upgrading it and giving it the clean out that was so badly needed. I am so pleased with it. Also many thanks for the extended customer service in delivering my P.C. and sorting out all the bits and bobs that needed to be done! You are a star and a very patient one at that! It is humming along nicely in the background – it’s great to have had the generator noise removed!’ Two days later and I am even more pleased with it as I experience the superior efficiency of my ‘new’ P.C.”
Gilly Grace – Midhurst, West Sussex

“Without David’s help my computer would still be broken! He is reliable, efficient and honest. I can wholeheartedly recommend him.”
Mary Haynes – West Meon, Hampshire

“I was at my wit’s end after spending six days trying to fix the problems with my PC when a neighbour recommended David to my husband. David’s knowledge and expertise is second to none, he is one of the nicest people you are likely to meet and professional at all times. He bent over backwards to help resolve the problem, even when he did not have to. Even when my printer packed up a few days later, David came back to sort the problem out. I certainly regard him as my knight in shining armour and would certainly recommend him to anyone experiencing problems with their PC.”
Sonja & Mike Cheeseman – Whitehill, Hampshire

“Thank you so much for coming to my home and fixing my internet security so that it now works properly. I really appreciate your skill at fixing things on my computer so as I can rely on it remaining secure when I use the internet. The prompt and quick service you give is really appreciated. I will recommend you to my friends, if and when they have a problem on their computers, your service is very reliable and helpful.”
Margaret Kilby – Rowlands Castle, Hampshire

“David sorts our problems, all of them! Nothing is too much trouble and he always responds quickly and efficiently. He has rebuilt laptops, installed printers and networked new desktop computers. Couldn’t run our lives without him. If you need IT support don’t go anywhere else but Microsomma!”
John and Mary Dawson – West Meon, Hampshire

“I can thoroughly recommend David’s service particularly for a computer illiterate like myself. In spite of my unhelpful assistance he very quickly sorted out the mess that I had made of trying to set up a wireless network and had it up and running in no time. Extremely good service and at a very reasonable price.”
David Taylor – Southampton, Hampshire

“Thank you for all your help in setting me up with a new computer. My old computer was failing me badly and in no time at all David was in my home setting up a new PC with quiet efficiency. He patiently explained to me how the system works, how to organize my folders in a more efficient way and how to manage my external hard drive efficiently. I wish him all the luck in the world with his business. Thank you again David.”
Sue Hall – Elsted Marsh, West Sussex

“Thanks to you David, I have a wonderful website for my photography business and business is booming! I get so many compliments about it, from how pretty it is to how it perfectly reflects both me and what I do. Thank you too for all the help and support you continue to give me with my PC. It’s so valuable when theres a business to run. And finally, thank you for getting my partner started on a new career on Ebay, from helping him choose the right PC and teaching him how to use it!
Dru Furneaux – Elsted Marsh, West Sussex

“David has given me lots of help and advice on purchasing my new P.C. He has also installed it for me. David is very professional, polite, efficient and calm. He has also given me some very useful advice on anti virus software”.
Janet Delves – Horndean, Hampshire

“When I needed some work doing on a computer, my wife recommended David. I found him to be exceedingly helpful, thorough and totally trustworthy.”
Richard Lion – Managing Director, Southdowns Hotel

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